Underfloor Heating

Here at Low carbon Home Systems we can design, supply, install your underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating systems are becoming the more popular form of heating for both domestic and commercial buildings within the UK. It provides extra space and clean decorative finishes when compared to radiators and there is no need to worry about sharp edges or hot surfaces. 

Radiators provide a single heat spot within the room, the heat energy transfers by process of the convection. Due to the temperature difference, the hot air tends to rise, whereas the colder air tends to fall, this creates a current within the room, causing increased air movement aiding the spread of dust and bacteria. Underfloor heating creates a comfortable, evenly distributed heat and a clean environment within the living space. Plastic pipes which are embedded within the floor, spread across the entire available space, transfers the heat from the water into the embedded surface. The heat is then distributed throughout the living area, evenly across the entire room. Underfloor heating uses a low temperature hot water when compared to radiators making it more compatible with Heat Pumps. 

neoStat Thermostat

The neoStat’s have been designed to be slim & stylish, with three stunning colours available. neoStat’s are just a little bigger than a standard light switch, so you will notice what it does rather than where it is. The neoStat’s can be controlled from anywhere thanks to the plug and play neoHub. Neo has been designed to offer multi-zone smart control for most heating systems, including radiators, electric and water underfloor heating. HomeKit support adds great connectivity to an already feature rich solution.

neoHub Gen 2 System Hub

The neoHub Gen 2 handles all of the network communication between the neoStat, neoAir and neoPlug and is very much the brain of the Neo System. Therefore you will require one if you’re looking to control your heating & hot water system from your smartphone.

The neoHub Gen 2 brings HomeKit and Google Home support to Neo.

The neoHub Gen 2 connects to your home router by an ethernet cable, so one free port is required. The neoHub Gen 2 very much plugs and play and pairing neoStat’s, neoAir & neoPlug to the neoHub Gen 2 couldn’t be easier. After you have paired all of your Neo devices (up to 32 are supported) you will have In-Home and Remote access to your heating, hot water and appliances.

To ensure your neoHub Gen 2 is always up to date, your neoHub will automatically download and install updates so you will always benefit from the very latest software enhancements.

UH8 Wiring Centre

The UH8 is our 8 zone mains powered wiring centre designed for use with the neoStat Thermostat.

Up to 6 actuators can be wired to each of the 8 zones and an output is provided for the boiler, underfloor heating pump and valve.

Zone 8 of the UH8 can be setup to control a radiator zone, in this case not enabling the UFH Pump and Valve.

UH8-RF Wiring Centre

The UH8-RF is our wireless wiring centre designed for use with the neoAir Thermostat.

Up to 6 actuators can be wired to each of the 8 zones and an output is provided for the boiler, underfloor heating pump and valve. Additionally, the boiler signal can be sent wirelessly to the RF Switch.

A Software option in the thermostat allows you to configure which zones are underfloor heating and which are radiators. Radiator zones will not enable the UFH Pump and Valve.

RF Switch

The RF-Switch is a surface mounted 2 channel wireless receiver. It is capable of controlling 1 heating zone and 1 hot water zone and provides a volt free output for the boiler. In addition, the RF Switch can be paired to the UH8-RF to provide a wireless link to the boiler.


Expand your Neo System with neoPlug and control your appliances from anywhere! With the Heatmiser neoPlug you can control the appliance manually from the neoApp or you can program switching times via the app that the appliance will follow.

With our latest apps for Android, Windows 10 and iOS, users can include the neoPlug in their Geo Location triggers, so the appliance can turn on when you get close to home or when you leave.


  • 2 wire
  • Normally closed thermal actuator
  • M30 thread
  • Stroke Length 3.5mm +/- 0.5mm


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If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from underfloor heating then get in touch with one of our experienced team members below. We have extensive knowledge about how they can be installed and what the cost will be – you might even benefit from a Green Energy Grant.

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