How Can a Heat Pump Benefit my home?

Heat pumps are a fantastic way to heat your home by saving money and without increasing your carbon footprint further. A heat pump takes heat from outside and transfers it into your home, capturing heat already in the environment and as a result, using no carbon emissions. A heat pump can be beneficial in many ways, including its positive impact on the environment, and there are different types of heat pumps including air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps.

What are air-source and ground-source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps work by taking the heat from the air outside and using it in your home in radiators, underfloor heating and hot water whilst ground source heat pumps take heat from the ground for your home. There are different pros and cons to each type of heat pump, and it is important to get the right heat pump for you. Our showroom in Ellesmere is the best way to find out which is best for you as you can look at multiple heat pump designs and we can answer your questions on which pump is best for you so you can start enjoying the following benefits.

Reducing household bills

With the energy and cost of living crisis we’re all experiencing at the moment, every penny helps. Heat pumps are a great way to save money on your household bills and can save you up for £1400 a year on your energy bills.

Improving your carbon footprint

One of the main benefits of a heat pump system is that they produce less carbon emissions than combustion systems. Paired with our other environmentally friendly solutions such as our solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint – with heat pumps reducing carbon emissions by up to 23 tonnes of C02 over 10 years.

Long life-span and lower maintenance costs

The average boiler has a lifespan of around 15 years from installation whereas heat pumps can last up to 25 years before they need replacing. Not only do you get a longer lifespan for your money, but you reduce the costs of installing a new system by keeping the current system for longer. Heat pumps also require less maintenance and fewer repairs than a traditional heating system, reducing costs from emergency heating engineers and spare parts.

Eligibility for government grants

You may also be eligible to receive government grants aimed towards the installation of carbon-friendly home energy systems. From April 2022, a one-off £5000 grant is available from the government to help replace less efficient gas boilers in homes throughout the UK. By receiving this grant for heat pump installations, you reduce your installation costs significantly.

Better safety

Heat pumps are also much safer to have installed in a home than a traditional combustion-based system. As heat pump systems don’t need to burn fuel to generate heat, there is less risk of something going wrong and there are fewer safety concerns associated with this kind of system.

There are many more benefits to heat pumps and you can save significant amounts of money and carbon by installing one of our heat pump systems in your home. Our showroom in Ellesmere showcases all of our carbon-reducing home solutions including solar panels and solar batteries so pay us a visit now and we can advise on the best low carbon system and heat pump for your home and needs.

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