5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power

The most known fact about solar energy is that it represents a clean, green source of energy. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Power Is Good for the Environment

There’s nothing about solar power that pollutes mother nature. Solar power doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses, and except for needing a source of clean water to function, it uses absolutely no other resources. Hence, it’s safe and environmentally friendly. Yet, people are still in doubt because solar energy is good.

Solar power is self-sufficient and installing solar panels on your roof is a safe and easy path to contribute to a sustainable future. Starting on your home is a great way to show you care about the environment.

Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-the-Grid

The decrease in the cost of solar panels serves as a great example of why there should be an increase in the use of solar energy. Traditional electricity relies heavily on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also limited resources. This translates into a volatile market, in which energy prices alter throughout the day.

Solar electricity boosts your electricity independence! By investing in a 4kW solar system, which is the most common domestic size, you can easily protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the entire day – the sun will never increase its rates and it gives you energy security.

Once you have solar panels up on your roof, you’ve technically reached an energy-independent status. Solar battery storage systems can also help store electricity for night-time and rainy days.

Solar Power Can Use Underutilised Land

You may continue to wonder why solar power. With the increasing need of solar energy, it’s become easily accessible to most of us. Across countries, there are vast land that are far away from big cities or capitals and are not used for anything at all.

With solar power, we can make use of the land and subsequently generate great value; solar energy provides a source of power for everyone. In this way, we don’t need to use high priced land that might be better suited for other applications.

You might have heard of solar farms – panels used to harvest solar energy in large numbers. This highlights perfectly how solar power makes use of underutilised land. For instance, a 45-acre solar farm has been recently built in the UK, and it’s able to power 2,500 homes.

Solar Power Causes Less Electricity Loss

Electricity needs to be transported from big power plants to end-consumers via extensive networks. Long-distance transmissions equal power losses. Ever wondered what are solar panels used for? They’re on your roof to get energy from the sun. Rooftop solar power is helpful in increasing electricity efficiency, considering the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic and as a result you’re in control of your own bills and energy usage. Furthermore, solar power systems are durable, thus chances of service interruption are reduced.

Solar Power Is a Free Source of Energy

The sun provides us with more energy than we could ever use, and no one can monopolise the sunlight. Your solar power system will start saving money from the moment it’s turned on; however, the advantages of solar power are best visible in the long term. The longer you have your solar power system, the more you enjoy the benefits of solar technology and support the environment.

Aside from solar electricity, solar energy has a second application. We often associate solar energy with electricity, which is acquired through PV panels, but it’s also possible to use the energy generated by the sun for heating purposes. This process is accomplished by deploying solar thermal systems that simply convert the sunlight into heating solutions.

The acceptance of solar technology is at hand, and we can start by increasing our use of solar panels.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 – What Is It All About?

Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system designed to maximise your home’s energy independence. That means backup power and a smaller carbon footprint for your home, and potentially savings on your electricity bill. Powerwall is an intelligent system that can be customised to your energy needs, with the ability to charge from solar or from the grid so energy is always available on demand.

Installing a Tesla Powerwall System will deliver multiple benefits

Backup Power

Depending on the inverter, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall during a blackout.

Self-Powered Home

At night, Powerwall can provide your home with clean energy that you’ve generated from solar during the day.

Time-Based Control

If your energy supplier offers Time-of-Use rates, you can use less expensive solar and grid energy you’ve already generated to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.


With the Tesla app, you can navigate between Powerwall features, monitor its energy and power usage and receive notifications when it switches to Backup-Only mode.

How Powerwall Works

Powerwall gives you the ability to store energy for later use and works with or without solar. Each Powerwall system includes at least one Powerwall and a Backup Gateway, which provides energy monitoring, metering and management for the system. The Backup Gateway learns and adapts to your energy use over time, receives over-the-air updates just like the rest of Tesla’s products and is capable of managing up to ten Powerwalls.

Use With Solar

When the sun rises, solar begins powering the home. When additional power is required within the home, the home can pull from the utility grid.

Powerwall is charged by solar during the day, when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming. Powerwall then stores that energy until the home needs it, such as when solar is no longer producing at night, or when the utility grid is offline during a power outage.

The next day when the sun comes out, solar recharges Powerwall so you have a cycle of clean, renewable energy.

Use Without Solar

If your electricity rates vary throughout the day, Powerwall will charge when electricity costs are low and discharge when electricity costs are high, generating automatic savings. Powerwall will also provide backup power by detecting grid outages and automatically becoming the home’s main power source.

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Our showroom in the centre of Ellesmere provides a great way to see and learn more about the latest range of renewable energy solutions available for your home. From solar panel and battery storage solutions to the latest heat pump models available to upgrade an old fossil fuel heating system, you will find everything you need along with helpful staff who can explain everything to you.

We would always recommend visiting in person but if you want to get an idea of what we have before you come to the showroom, you can now see inside using the latest Google Maps technology.

Visit Google Maps using the link below and get a look at the latest renewable energy solutions available to view by appointment in our showroom.

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How Can a Heat Pump Benefit my home?

Heat pumps are a fantastic way to heat your home by saving money and without increasing your carbon footprint further. A heat pump takes heat from outside and transfers it into your home, capturing heat already in the environment and as a result, using no carbon emissions. A heat pump can be beneficial in many ways, including its positive impact on the environment, and there are different types of heat pumps including air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps.

What are air-source and ground-source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps work by taking the heat from the air outside and using it in your home in radiators, underfloor heating and hot water whilst ground source heat pumps take heat from the ground for your home. There are different pros and cons to each type of heat pump, and it is important to get the right heat pump for you. Our showroom in Ellesmere is the best way to find out which is best for you as you can look at multiple heat pump designs and we can answer your questions on which pump is best for you so you can start enjoying the following benefits.

Reducing household bills

With the energy and cost of living crisis we’re all experiencing at the moment, every penny helps. Heat pumps are a great way to save money on your household bills and can save you up for £1400 a year on your energy bills.

Improving your carbon footprint

One of the main benefits of a heat pump system is that they produce less carbon emissions than combustion systems. Paired with our other environmentally friendly solutions such as our solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint – with heat pumps reducing carbon emissions by up to 23 tonnes of C02 over 10 years.

Long life-span and lower maintenance costs

The average boiler has a lifespan of around 15 years from installation whereas heat pumps can last up to 25 years before they need replacing. Not only do you get a longer lifespan for your money, but you reduce the costs of installing a new system by keeping the current system for longer. Heat pumps also require less maintenance and fewer repairs than a traditional heating system, reducing costs from emergency heating engineers and spare parts.

Eligibility for government grants

You may also be eligible to receive government grants aimed towards the installation of carbon-friendly home energy systems. From April 2022, a one-off £5000 grant is available from the government to help replace less efficient gas boilers in homes throughout the UK. By receiving this grant for heat pump installations, you reduce your installation costs significantly.

Better safety

Heat pumps are also much safer to have installed in a home than a traditional combustion-based system. As heat pump systems don’t need to burn fuel to generate heat, there is less risk of something going wrong and there are fewer safety concerns associated with this kind of system.

There are many more benefits to heat pumps and you can save significant amounts of money and carbon by installing one of our heat pump systems in your home. Our showroom in Ellesmere showcases all of our carbon-reducing home solutions including solar panels and solar batteries so pay us a visit now and we can advise on the best low carbon system and heat pump for your home and needs.

Winter Energy Saving Tips

With winter fast approaching and energy bills rising, we are all looking for ways to save money!

There are many small tips out there:

  • Cover draughty areas
  • Turn down the thermostat
  • Turn off instead of leaving appliances on standby
  • Switch off lights when you aren’t in the room
  • Let the sun in during the day

These are great as they are cheap and free ways, but do only save you pennies rather than pounds.

Here are some more effective tips:

Though we do understand that these can be pricey solutions and budgets are tight with the cost of living increasing. If you are eager to implement some of the above tips but unsure about affordability please do get in touch as we may be able to help!

For example there is a grant currently available which offers a sum of money of the cost of installing air and ground source heat pumps when removing a fossil fuel boiler.

Available Grants Get In Touch

Battery storage, do I need it?

Battery storage have now become extremely efficient at storing your solar energy and can be installed for most domestic and commercial properties. With the ability to work alongside your existing solar system, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and increase energy efficiency.

More people are choosing to install battery systems for these reasons, as well as to make the most of their solar energy by storing it efficiently for future use. Princes LHS Ltd install a number of different battery systems to suit the needs of properties in Shropshire and its surrounding counties.

Our team have excellent knowledge of battery storage. We can advise you on which system will help you make the most savings. By choosing to install your battery system with us, you also benefit from a detailed quote which gives you a good idea of what you can expect to save.


Batteries are used to store electricity generated from PV panels or wind generators local to the point of generation. Stored electricity can then be used when it is needed.


  • 24/7 backup protection – It will protect your home during a power cut, keeping your lights, wi-fi and refrigerator running.
  • No grid connection? – Electrify your home even if it doesn’t have a national grid connection.
  • Reduce your grid costs – Solar is already less expensive than on-grid power.
  • No wind or sun? – The battery can store energy for future use.
  • Monitor your solar energy use – Receive alerts via your smartphone, and monitor your use in real-time.

We can correctly specify the battery size, storage and usable energy capacity it requires to meet your home’s electricity needs.

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from battery storage then get in touch with one of our experienced team members below. We have extensive knowledge about how they can be installed and what the cost will be. You might even benefit from a Green Energy Grant.


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What is in our showroom?

Did you know you can now visit our new low-carbon home systems showroom at the Rennet Works in the centre of Ellesmere?

Our showroom has a variety of different renewable products that you can come in and view. Our team can offer you advice and information regarding the products you’re interested in. Helping you choose the most suitable product for you!

Whether you want one or two items, if you’re looking for the full package or looking to buy for your installer, we can cater to any and everyone. We have been MCS accredited installing renewable energy systems since 2011.

What is in our showroom?

Our opening hours?

We are open 8:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, and 09:00 – 12:00 on Saturdays by appointment only. It is advisable to book an appointment or call prior to attending, however you can just pop in. Call us on 01691 624336 or send us a message via our contact form.

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How can I decrease my energy bills?

With energy bills increasing rapidly, we are all looking for ways to save the pennies. There are many tips on how to save on energy; turn off standby appliances, wash clothes on a lower temperature, turn down your thermostat. These are all great, but there are ways to save you a considerable amount of money rather than pennies!

Switching to renewables to heat and power your home can be good news for your pockets as well as the environment.

Available renewable products

Here are some renewable products available to help reduce your energy costs…

Visit our showroom

We understand this can be all very overwhelming and technical. That is why we have a showroom in Ellesmere, Shropshire, where you can view and explore our range of renewable energy products. Our team has the knowledge and experience to advise you on everything.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a new incentive launched by means of the UK Government to motivate the setupof low-carbon heating systems, such as warmth pumps, over fossil gas boilers.

The scheme is presenting capital provides of £6000 to assist limit the value for households of putting in eco-friendly heating systems. This upfront supply can make the choice of selecting renewable electricity or even less expensive than putting in a fossil gasoline boiler!

With this new scheme, the Government is persevering with to supply extra incentives to improve these choice options via drastically decreasing the preliminary value and installation. Making low carbon heating an extra low-priced and attainable choice for house owners or businesses.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme alongside the low going for walks value and preservation of warmness pumps make them financially attractive as nicely eco-friendly!

Why is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme being Introduced?

The funding on the scheme is designed to assist house owners to find the money for the upfront charges of low-carbon technologies, such as floor supply warmness pumps and biomass boilers.

Ministers have additionally stated that they hope the scheme will assist to develop purchaser self-assurance in the applied sciences available, in order to improve enterprise demand.

The scheme is a necessary side of supporting the authorities meet its internet zero-emissions goal through 2050, and to assist segment out fossil gas heating in properties of the fuel grid, the authorities has said.

Why is the Scheme Free?

Due to climate change, the UK Government is trying to extensively reduce carbon emissions, and changing old, inefficient boilers with modern, A-rated fashions is simply one way they can make a sizeable reduction.

In addition, the effectiveness of current boilers ability they are less expensive to run, considerably supporting to minimize the heating payments of low-income households and these at danger of gas poverty.

However, for many households, the value of obtaining a new boiler can be big and it’s, for this reason, the Government and some of the greatest electricity corporations in the UK grant boiler grants. These allow households to accumulate a backed boiler and, in some cases, a free boiler.

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Did you know you can now visit our new Low-carbon Home Systems showroom at the Rennet Works in the center of Ellesmere?

Following on from our success as electrical & plumbing contractors we have built on that knowledge & diversified into renewable energy installations. Now more than ever people are considering their impact on the environment & are looking into greener energy solutions for their homes & businesses. We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint & protect the planet for future generations to enjoy.

At our showroom we have a range of working & demonstration renewable energy & eco-friendly systems on display, including a solar PV & air pump demo installation, supplying heat to the underfloor heating system.

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